Bespoke leather goods. Handmade in Denmark.

About Nordic District

Nordic District craftsman Sander Luckow sources the best materials from around the world to incorporate in unique and exclusively handmade leather goods, made in Denmark.

The name reflects the geographical area of Copenhagen where the workshop was founded in 2012. The streets in the area were named after Norse gods in the 1860's and that tradition is continued in the products of Nordic District 


Designed and produced with a minimalist aesthetic and a deep-held care for quality and construction. The products of Nordic District are crafted with high quality materials to last and to reflect the wear and tear of the owner. As such, buying and owning a Nordic District product is for the persons who value quality over quantity - these are products that will stay with you for a very long time and become affectionate objects for their owners.


The products are meticulously and purposely crafted by hand to ensure the highest quality and durability to a level that cannot be replicated by industrial machine production. Every process in the production of my goods is performed by hand - from cutting, sewing to the finishing process, which includes a thorough process of painting, smoothening, buffing and polishing the edges.
The traditional methods and craftsmanship utilised in the production has been around for many years but are in danger of being lost in my home country, Denmark - it is my goal to keep the craft alive and honor the past to bring objects and products of fine leatherworking to the highest possible level of design, quality and finish. 


All of my goods are handcrafted from the finest materials available. Whether it is goat skins or calf leathers from France, vegetable tanned leathers from Italy or bridle leather from England, it is of utmost importance to ensure the highest quality of sourced materials used the production. This includes the tools used from Vergez Blanchard, the Fil au Chinois Lin Câblé linen threads from J. Toulemonde and edge paint from Stahl partners. 

The vegetable tanned leather stems from first grade European cow side hides and are sourced from some of the best European suppliers. The leather sides are aniline and semi-aniline finished and retains the natural grain and offers unique markings, which will be visible on the goods - this will make each product unique and offer a lovely depth and dynamic to the surface skin. 

It's my belief that the true appreciation of a quality product made with high quality leather has been for the few as most mass-produced leather goods are made with lower quality leathers. I encourage everyone to experience the difference in quality in the leathers used. Low quality leathers will fade with time while high quality leathers age with grace.  

Please note that my products are made-to-order and estimated production & delivery time will be approximately 14-30 days depending on your product and location. 

If you're in Copenhagen, please visit Designkollektivet to see my products on display. The store is located close to the workshop on vivid Nørrebro.


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