Baldur iPhone 6 & 7 sleeve - Chèvre
800 DKK

Gracious and cheerful the Aesir god Baldur gives off light
The 'Baldur' sleeve sized for the iPhone 7, but will fit the previous iPhone 6 as well. It will comfortably hold your iPhone and keep it protected. Crafted from a hand cut 1.0mm (2 oz) thick French goatskin leather stitched with luxurious Lin Câblé corded linen thread. The tanning process and surface treatment of the goatskin leather ensures a water resistant top grain, which keeps your phone dry if needed. The edges are hand painted, polished and buffed to prolong the life and aesthetics of the sleeve.

Dimensions: 13.4 x 8.2 x 0.32 cm

For customized sizes please contact me: